Greg Shorts for Assembly 25





I have been very fortunate to live a life of seemingly endless blessings. Throughout that life, in the US Navy, teaching college, raising a family, or helping in various community organizations, I have always wanted to do what I could to make people’s lives just a little bit better.

Moving to Nevada 13 years ago I was really overwhelmed by what an incredible place we live in. I have been an outdoor enthusiast all my life. I hike, bike, kayak, raft, ski and camp. Inside this district are some of the greatest resources for outdoor experiences in Northern Nevada. As a person passionate about the benefits of the outdoors, I want to expand people’s access to these wonderful natural resources.

As a life-long educator, I firmly believe in the ability of a quality education to improve lives. K-12, college and adult education all play a part in making our world a better place. I want to make these resources better and more accessible to all Nevadans.

I am a novice at running for office. I am excited to talk to people in this district and learn more about what can be done to make District 25 an even better place for us to live. I hope to have a great time running for this office and hope you will join me in this exciting journey.