CIS 126 Advanced Flash ActionScript


CIS 126

EDT 608

EDT 612

EDT 655

EDT 660

MS Office



Class Materials


Planning - PowerPoint
Site Identity Paper
Site Design Paper
Business Requirements Paper
Compaq Proposal

How to Start an eBusiness

Action Script
ActionScipt Basics - Powerpoint

Flash Detection

Flash Detection PPT
Flash Detector tutorial - .zip file

PreLoader PPT Files
Creating the Preloader - .zip files

Basic PHP/FALSH Communication

Flash PHP PowerPoint
Example Files
Lesson 1 Text File

News Site

Creating the News Section - .zip files
Creating the News Section - Powerpoint

Polling Tool

Creating a Polling tool part 1 - PowerPoint
Creating the Polling Tool - .zip file (Updated 3-11)
Creating the Polling Tool 2 - PowerPoint

AMFPHP Hello World

Hello World Files

Online Store Lectures

New AS2 Store Files

Online Store Lecture 1 - Power Point
Online Store Reading 1 - Word

Store Programming PowerPoint
Store Programming Word File

Store Files

Remoting Components AS1

Message Board Files

Message Board Files

Message Board Part 1 PPT File
Message Board Part2 PPT file
Fix for Message Board

Trouble Shooting ActionScript

Debugging Tools

Game Design

Intro to Game Design
Issues in Game Design
Optimizing Graphics

Word Search Game

PowerPoint File
Source Files

Tile Based Games

Tiles Based Games - Part 2
Word file
Flash files for Tutorial

Example Sites

Macromedia Flash/PHP
Pen Pad AS Drawing tool
SCIteFlash ActionScript Editor
PHP For Flash Site

CIS 254 Old Materials
Creating a Full Flash Website Tutorial - .zip File
Full Site FLA Movie