Group Assignments for EDT 655

Week 1 Assignment 1

Best Practices in Technology


Identifying best practices in the use of technology is a large task. In this day and age, there is a constant stream of new inventions and methods that can be used in the class room to try to use technology to improve learning. The Edutopia Book is full of examples that stimulate the mind in the possibilities of technology.


In this task your assignment will be to identify issues related to the effective use of technology and what some of the best practices for its use are. In the time allotted by the professor research the following:

  1. The Bell South Foundation says that we are on the point of transition on the use of technology in education. Review their report at and describe what the difference between automated technology and innovative usage is. Give some examples
  2. Often your access to technology may be limited. Although it is unlikely to be limited tio just one computer, many of the ideas listed on can be helpful. Give some examples to the class of how you might use one computer in the classroom.
  3. Educationworld is one of the oldest and largest technology resources on the web. Their Tech Team recently listed Technologhy Integration ideas that work at Summerize these for your classmates and do an analysis of the information. Is it helpful? How do the materials listed here compare to the Innovative Usage promoted by Bell South above? What would you like to see added?
  4. Finally brainstorm with your group to determine what you would like to see to help you identify what are the best practices for technology usage. What would be most helpful to you as new teachers. If you have time, see if you can find resources that meet the criteria you have just established.

Discuss these issues as a group and decide how to present the materials to the class. You may have a lead speaker backed by the rest of the group or partition the questions off to the various people in your group. Present your findings to the rest of the class.

Have at least three discussion points for the class.