Group Assignments for EDT 655

Week 2 Assignment 1

Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on the Classroom.


According to the readings, the changing nature of society combined with the high costs of how students deal with emotional issues (Columbine, Santana and Granite Hills) has a great impact on the classroom. Section B of Part A of the Edutopia book examines various aspects of the teaching and valuation of emotional processes in learning. Chapter 13 deals with the issues of Emotional Intelligence as Discussed by Daniel Goleman who initially coined the term. Issues around emotional learning and intelligence are growing in schools and if we are going to promote the use of integrated technologies in the classroom, we must consider EI in our discussion of technology.


In the time allotted by the professor, research further into Emotional Intelligence. Look into the following issues

  1. What is Emotional Intelligence?
  2. Has there been any scientific evidence to promote social and emotional learning in schools?
  3. What are the negatives or costs associated with Social and Emotional Learning?
  4. Your school board is unconvinced that emotional intelligence programs should be a priority to the schools. What basic arguments could you give them to convince them of its importance?
  5. Emotion intelligence/social learning programs do not immediately bring to mind the use of technology. Brainstorm with you fellow students to come up with 3-5 things you could do to us technology to teach emotional intelligence.

Discuss these issues as a group and decide how to present the materials to the class. You may have a lead speaker backed by the rest of the group or partition the questions off to the various people in your group. Present your findings to the rest of the class.


Edutopia Part 1 Section B

Have at least three discussion points for the class.