Group Assignments for EDT 655

Week 1 Assignment 2

Project Based Learning


The Instructor has blown it! Here we are on the second day of class and the whole class is confused as to what Problem-based learning is. Sitting at home in his underwear, (Not a pleasant visual) the instructor says” I have a problem…hmm. That might be a use for some problem based learning.”

From Last weeks lecture problem based learning is:

q     PBL is curriculum fueled and standards based.

q     PBL asks a question or poses a problem that ALL students can answer. Concrete, hands-on experiences come together during project-based learning.

q     PBL allows students to investigate issues and topics in real-world problems.

q     PBL fosters abstract, intellectual tasks to explore complex issues.

Erasing the last hours work he decides that your task is:


  1. Create a lecturette describing Problem based learning to the class.
  2. Define problem-based learning
  3. Give examples of how problem based learning may be achieved in the classroom, use personal examples if possible.
  4. Direct the class to resources to find more about problem based learning as well as curriculum examples
  5. Problem based learning seems to be like mom and apple pie, everybody likes it. See if you can find an opposing view to the use of PBL.

Discuss these issues as a group and decide how to present the materials to the class. You may have a lead speaker backed by the rest of the group or partition the questions off to the various people in your group. Present your findings to the rest of the class.

Have at least three discussion points for the class.


GLEF materials from the book