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EDT 608

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MS Office

Software Demonstrations

Microsoft Office Format/Size Format/Size
How to add files to a.zip file Flash 204Kb Word 406Kb
How to add events in Outlook Flash 278Kb Word 717Kb
How to compress files in Office Flash 637Kb Word 489Kb
Web Design    
How to use Windows FTP client Flash 791Kb Word 885Kb
How to use the site functions in Dreamweaver Flash 1422Kb Word 1085Kb
How to create the basic elements of an HTML page Flash  
How to use layers in FireWorks to Create Buttons Flash 1533Kb Word 568Kb

Other Materials

Example of a server log file
WD-132.doc, EX-58.xls, EX-134.xls

Developing Site

Reno Biking Page


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